Let me design and maintain your social media presence ✅

✅ Do you want someone to manage your social media?
✅ Would you like someone to create compelling posts, polls, reels, and stories?
✅ Do you want to know how your posts are performing and how to make them better?
✅ Would you like to grow your followers and engagement?

If yes, I can manage your social media for you.

At the rate by which social media is growing daily , it is essential for a business owner to hire a social media manager and have its brand managed professionally online .

Did you know that there are 3.5 BILLION people present on social media everyday ? Facebook being the most popular platform with a wide age range starting from 16 and having even baby boomer users , followed by Instagram , an other fast growing l platform with a much younger audience who likes to follow trends . Did you know that 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services ? Internet if used smart can be essential to your business !

As a Professional Manager , I will :

  • Create and optimize you account .
  • Create original designs and captions for your photos .
  • Research you target audience and help you turn your followers into future buyers .
  • Create a hashtag research for your brand .
  • Organically increase your followers number and engage with them .
  • Schedule your content .
  • Give your existing profile a make over.


Platforms I manage:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


I will provide high-quality content for your feed, tailor-made to adapt to your brand or personal niche, schedule posts for the optimum time for your location, and use high-engagement hashtags for your niche.

  • A team at your service
  • A social dashboard for content scheduling
  • No passwords exchanged
  • Client approvals on posts
  • Branded Posts + Content that drive traffic & conversions
  • Promote brand/products/services/promo
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business

Put Your Social Media Account in the Hands of a Dedicated Professional

Essential Premium Professional
Page/Channel Evaluation Yes Yes Yes
Schedule Posts Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Ads Boost Up to $50 Up to $70 Up to $100
Monthly Post on SM Platforms (Image/Video) Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 30
Number of SM Platforms Up to 3 Up to 4 Up to 5
Monthly price $450 / $300 $700 / $450 $850 / $600
Annual price if paid in advance 3600 $2100 $7200 / $3900 $8400 / $5000